Spring PD Day 2024

Spring PD Day 2024 will continue to focus on Building the Skills Students Need to Solve Meaningful Problems. At Spring PD Day we will examine resources and approaches to support pacing in order to build skills for students to use on the problem, and help students take ownership of Focus Skills.

 Outline of the day

What you can expect from  the day:

  • Over 50 session offerings

  • Longer blocks of programming allowing attendees time to dive deep into content

  • A wide variety of presenters (MA PLTW educators, out-of-state Master Teachers and industry representatives)

  • Featured sessions for attendees K-12

  • Sessions providing hands-on experience with specific course skills 


Registration      8:00

Opening:           8:30 – 9:05

Block 1:             9:15 – 10:35

Block 2:             10:45 – 11:25 

Block 3:             11:35 – 12:15

Lunch:               12:15 – 1:15

Block 3:             1:15 – 2:35

Closing:             2:45 – 3:15

Happy Hour:    3:15 – 4:15

Sessions Sneak Peek! – click here for a complete list of current session offerings!

Featured Sessions

Rethinking PLTW Activities with AI as a Co-Designer

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to design classroom experiences for activities to get students to do more of the thinking. Learn approaches for using AI to co-design lessons.

Presenter: Greg Kulowiec, The Kulowiec Group

Pixels to Prints: Transforming Education with 3D Printing

Join us to uncover strategies, success stories, and endless possibilities in 3D printing. Gain insights into identifying and troubleshooting common issues and guiding students through problem-solving experiences. Create and develop a 3D management system that works for you! You will walk away with new project ideas!

Presenter: Master Teacher Brian Bobbitt


But How do I Know if My Kids Get it?

We will dive into some ideas for ongoing assessments and games to help determine student understanding throughout a module. Teachers will have time to create and share opening and closing questions as formative assessments with the final assessment in mind. 

Presenter: Master Teacher Christi Davenport

Solving the Puzzle: How the Design Process and APB Fit Together

Come to this session to discuss how the engineering design process and the APB approach align in modules. Take a closer look at which steps of the design process are addressed in the different parts of the APB. During this session teachers will have time to analyze a module of choice to streamline planning.

Presenter: Master Teacher Sarah Orr

HS Biomedical Science

Anatomy Bootcamp

In this session we will discuss all the major anatomy topics and dissections. Teachers can expect an overview of anatomical terms, handling of specimens, storage, ordering, cleaning, student setbacks, dissection alternatives, etc. Teachers will draw anatomy, review preserved specimens, discuss physiology and leave feeling confident enough to guide students through all the anatomy in biomed.

Presenter: Master Teacher Lindsey Backes

Going Un-Viral: HBS 3.2.3

Review the teacher prep, student procedures, and results of the new plaque assay lab in HBS. You’ll practice serial dilutions, perform the plaque assay using color top agar, and analyze prepared sample results. Tips and tricks for preparation and delivery will be provided along with discussions around timing and implementation.

Presenter: Master Teacher Danielle Weber

HS Engineering

Hands-On Models: Building Engaging Learning Experiences

Unleash the educational potential of physical models in your classroom. Explore practical examples of using various physical models as a communication tool, teaching aid, and learning tool. From simple DIY creations to more intricate structures, discover how these models engage students across subjects. Learn about materials, construction techniques, and strategies for integration into lesson plans. Walk away with a toolkit of ideas and resources to enhance student learning through the power of hands-on experiences.

Presenter: Master Teacher Steve Beauchamp

Autodesk GPS: Managing Autodesk work

Join this session to discuss methods and strategies for Autodesk student access and assignment submissions to prevent instructor burn-out. Teachers will explore and discuss various methods for streamlining Autodesk APBs, with a focus on assignment submissions and student portfolios.

Presenter: Master Teacher Cliff Greer

Looking for the complete list of session offerings? Check out the Spring PD Day Sessions page under “Spring PD Day” in the menu. More sessions being added daily!


Bridging Gaps with Materials, Time, and Workload: Sharing Projects Across Classrooms

Come learn about how you can take one of the culminating projects from a Gateway course and have students collaborate on the product across different classrooms. We will discuss best practices including managing supplies, running the classroom and some awesome extension activities! Participants will have time to collaborate with other teachers in their disciplines and envision how this innovative concept can work in their own classrooms.

Presenter: Erik Todd, Silver Lake

Automation and Robotics Sensor Stations

Sensor Station Explorations allows you to choose your own adventures with VEX sensors. Stations will include hand-on practice and teacher takeaways for all levels of learning. There will be stations for Bumper Switch, Limit Switch, LED, Optical Sensor, and Distance Sensor. From Beginner to Advanced, there is a strategy or application waiting for you to discover.

Presenter: Master Teacher Ashley Puopolo, Stoneham

HS Computer Science

Hands-On Toolkit: Infusing Extra Resources into Cybersecurity Learning

This session is designed for educators seeking to enhance their PLTW Cybersecurity course by infusing it with additional resources for maximum student engagement. During this block, educators will have the opportunity to work directly with a curated selection of tools, resources, and interactive activities. Through guided exploration and interactive demos, you’ll gain practical experience in seamlessly integrating these resources into the PLTW Cybersecurity curriculum. Whether you’re exploring gamified platforms, experimenting with cutting-edge tools, or participating in collaborative activities, this hands-on segment ensures that you leave not just with theoretical knowledge but with practical skills.

Presenter: Master Teacher Katie Cunningham, Blackstone Valley Tech

Python for Vex V5 Robotics

Dive into Python programming for Vex V5 Robotics! This workshop covers basic Python and integration with Vex V5 Brain and sensors. Perfect for beginners and experienced coders alike, join us for an empowering session that unlocks the synergy between Python and Vex V5. Elevate your robotics game with practical coding knowledge and hands on experience!

Presenter: Master Teacher Steve Beauchamp


Visioning for PLTW in Your School and District

Project Lead The Way gives students opportunities to work on real-world problems and build skills across all content areas. How do we make sure everyone in the community knows the incredible benefits and opportunities PLTW can afford? Leave this session with clear next steps for gathering additional support from different stakeholders on how PLTW supports learning across content areas and embodies your instructional goals as a school/district.

Presenter: Christine Schepeler, Mass Learning Project

Applied Learning Leadership Session: Fostering Student Collaboration

Back by popular demand – a facilitated collaborative design session for school and district leaders focused on improving student collaboration from the One8 Applied Learning Leadership team.

Presenter: Sissela Tucker, One8